Pearl's Big Blessing Day

It would seem appropriate that after the 4th time, it would get somewhat old... but it never does. On Sunday May 4th we were able to bless our little Pearl. It seems amazing and somewhat strange that such a miracle of life can come from the result of a union of love from a man and a woman. I mean think about it... at first there were no people.. and now there are 4 new people!! Wow.

We had a GREAT turn out of family and friends, some who traveled all the way from Sacramento, and others who traveled from down the street, either way as a family... we felt very blessed with the astonishing support we received. As I recall in my testimony earlier that day in sacrament meeting, being surrounded by soo many loved ones, ward members, best friends, and close family, you can't help but feel, soo deeply blessed. Even in this CrAzY world, Heavenly Father saw fit that we were to be surrounded, and encircled in love with people.... just as crazy as we are. lol. And even further we know that there were even more family members and friends, who could simple just not make it... but it didn't make a difference, we felt their love as well. :)

Lot's of food, lots of people ( I think we set the new Adams home record with maximum capacity) lots of fun.

Pearl in Pearls

Here's Pearl at 2 months!! She's been an
adorable 4th child. Paul and I are in love
with her!!