Goodbye 2008! Brace yourself it's a long one!

                                                        Christmas Morning!
We are going to work backwards to cover all the events in December because of course the highlight was Christmas morning!  We had such a fun month full of family and celebrating           Christ's birth. 
Spot the troubled child.  Evelyn went downstairs to see what Santa got before everyone was ready, so she was pretty upset when we took her away from the gifts for a picture.
                            Here's London, she got what she loves most, clothes!

                                          Evie and her beloved Princess scooter

     London had so much fun with her cupcake maker, and made a beautiful mess with it!
Whoever says girls are not born with the desire to love and have children is crazy!  All you mothers of girls who love having baby dolls know that!  It's always amazing to me!
Yes, Pearl is 10 1/2 months and is walking for her primary mode of transportation now and talking up a storm!!  I can't even explain how fun she is for our family right now!
Paul got what he loves so much, Redskins attire (His dad played for the redskins many a year ago), and Dax felt that dad really needed some oil, it was a cute father/son gift!
Grandma Adams had a hayday buying the kids gifts, and they are very grateful for it! Yeah for      Grandparents!!
Santa HAD to bring matching outfits for the Adams' girls!  It's just a must when there are 3 girls in a row!!  We LOVE our sweet girlies!!
         Daddy taking his babies down a hill, thanks to Amy for the snow outfit for Pearl!
                                                Pearl and I watching all the sledders!
Paul got these crazy expensive Scott goggles from his brother Chris and even though we were just going for a family sledding trip, he HAD to wear them because they're sooo cool!

Our Adams family Christmas party was so fun!  We had a great time eating, singing Christmas carols, gift exchanges, and making reindeer cookies!  Since I'm the room mom for Daxton's Kindergarten class I have to keep Christmas craft and snack ideas handy!
         Some of the Adams family cousins!  When they were not sitting down here they were       definitely running.
We love to do our trip to see Aunt Deanna before Christmas.  She spoiled the kids with little gifts and treats!  She has always been such a giving, loving Aunt who always remembers the little ones.  My kids always ask to go to her house.
We got a lot of snow Christmas week, it was awesome!  As you can see, Dax lost his first front tooth!  It has definitely changed his smile, he was so excited.  The cardboard doll is a little guy named Stanley that was sent from his best friend cousin Tiffany as a school project.  We are going to send him back to Tiffany's school explaining all about Pleasant Grove, Utah.
      This picture is exactly what they do all day together!  They love to laugh and play!
        London and Seraphine have been very best friends from the first day of preschool.
See if you can spot Dax!  (hint: he's in the back row middle with a black hat)  The kindergarten classes did the CUTEST snowman dance I have ever seen!!  Plus, Dax is in choir and it was so fun to see him singing so many cute songs that he had been practicing every Tuesday and Thursday morning for.  I love our little hometown Elementary school!
Paul and I at the ward Christmas party.  Our family was in charge of the Nativity reenactment portion of the entertainment and it turned out so beautiful!  Everyone said it was their favorite part of the whole night.  I regret that I didn't get a picture of the kids in their costumes because we were running around crazy!
What is the Christmas season without the infamous gingerbread house making!  Dax, I see you    licking your finger!!

So, that's some of the months activities!  Life is so beautiful and full of hope because of our Savior, each day truly is a gift!  We are so grateful for all of our family and friends in our lives.  Thank you for all your Christmas pictures and cards we love to see how all your lives are changing!

 2008  has been amazing we've welcomed our fourth baby into the world, celebrated 8 happy years of marriage and love, lost teeth, got teeth, lost a job, got new jobs, watched children grow immensely, did a San Diego/Disneyland trip with Ben and Steph's family, participated in baby blessings, soccer games, T-ball games, made new friends, lost a friend to cystic fibrosis, stood by friends after difficult brain surgeries and their aftermath, welcomed 2 nieces and one great-nephew in to our families, went to the big Olsen reunion (we love to see Dallin Oaks there, we feel so blessed to have such great apostle in our family), did many house improvements, sold a car, and so so much more!    

 Happy New Year to you and your families, I think it will be a great year to look forward to!