What happened after it began!

Okay, our last post talked about how Paul and I were starting the Take Shape for Life Plan.  The Result???

Paul lost 5 pounds last week and I am down 4 pounds!!  And this is only on the modified plan.  

The biggest bonus for me was I didn't have to take my 3:00 nap to get me through the day.  My energy has been way up!  I hadn't even thought about that perk until I looked back at how my week went.

One more pound and I'm at the skinniest I've been in my whole marriage (5 pounds below my wedding weight too)except for one time when I was deathly ill for a week.  I am LOVING feeling healthy and energetic.

I will keep updating on our family of course, plus Paul's definite change that will continue to take place!

For now, we wish all of you, our family and friends a Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year!

It Begins!

So Paul has begun the Take Shape for Life Plan as of today and we are going to keep posting his transformation!  Most of my family on my mom's side have lost considerable weight on this healthy, doctor formulated plan so we're excited!  I am a free health coach for them, so anyone that's wanting to lose a lot of weight or even those last 5-10 pounds that you just have never been able to get rid of, you can call me.  It's been really fun to see so many peoples lives change from it!  My parents have lost 80 pounds together in the last 3 months!  My uncle started it 10 days ago and is down 17 pounds!  Yes, it's healthy and there is longevity too so it stays off.  Just watch the blog, we'll be posting his weight loss!!  

November in a Nutshell!

Well, we had a blast in November, Paul and I had a great anniversary at P.F Changs and then we did a little shopping with no kids, it was awesome!  

From Thanksgiving 2008
My sisters Stephanie and April came to visit us with their wonderful husbands and children.  The cousins had the best time playing together, going to a bounce house for some of the cousins birthdays, riding on a cute pony named cinnamon, the Beane museum at BYU (which is amazing by the way), and jumping on the tramp, playing dress up, and just having the funnest sleepover ever!  I love my sisters (we missed our youngest sister Chrissy, she just had her little girl about 2 weeks ago).  It's so fun to be going through all the joys and challenges of motherhood together!  This year was Thanksgiving at the in-laws so we had a yummy dinner at Paul's mom Jo Ann's house with his sister Andrea and her husband Dean.  It was so nice to have a low key Thanksgiving with a ton of good food!  Click on the picture below to see a few pics! 

Thanksgiving 2008