We've been married for 8 years!!

                                  Our oldest child and your best buddy in the whole world!
                                Our sweet baby Pearly Girl, doesn't she make us so happy?!
                              Our gruesome twosome that make us laugh all day everyday!
                                       Paul is very loved by any and all young men he serves.

                    Daddy's pitching to his very girly batter, Dax cheers her on nonetheless.

                                      What in the world would Evie do without her Daddy??! 

                                         Holy cow this is old, our first Christmas together!
Wow, I feel so blessed today!  Well, really everyday because I truly believe I married the best man in the world for me!  Paul, thank you for making me laugh everyday for the past eight years (and even since I was 14 years old)!  Thank you for wrestling with our beautiful children, giving them rides to their beds every night, being faithful and diligent in the gospel and bearing testimony to our kids and I.  Thank you for making me feel so absolutely loved, wanted, and needed as a wife, for being so protective of all in the house.  Thank you for always striving to be a better man, and for being the best teammate I could EVER ask for.  Thank you for jumping on the trampoline, playing football, and going on walks with me.  Thanks for changing diapers, making bottles, loving, kissing, and malling our kids because you are so in love with them.  Thank you for being the best young men leader, an amazing son and brother to your siblings.  Thank you for being a very talented provider, and I could go on and on!!

Really, I'm just trying to say, thank you for being mine.  You truly are the best thing that happened to me.  I feel so confident in our love and faith, and in our eternal marriage we have built so strong with Heavens help!  

Words really cannot express the excitement and happiness I feel when I think of eternity with you and our children.  I love you, I love you, I love you!

Love,  Rach

Good John gets hitched

Well, it was about that time.. I thought all my friends were married, but no, one still remains.  Actually a couple do-- now that I think of it.  Anyway, in short- I got to go and get full off of free food and dessert.  

Although it was brief, Rach and I took the day off, dropped the kids at a professional sitter, and headed off to the Lords house in SLC.  It was a ton of fun.  There is nothing like feeling like kids again, when you can go downtown to a bustling city with your sweetheart, be running late, and have fun doing it.  Parking-- nuff said. Bleh.

Anyway while we made it just in time (about 5 min before JD & his newly wed bride Jen walked in) and it was a great sealing.

Ok, so hear is my rant, soapbox, or whatever you want to call it --  While we were going into, and out of the temple, there were two... for the lack of a better term, "panhandlers" asking for "spare change?" or, in a quivering almost to the brink of tears voice "please, anything you can spare... PLEASE..."

I caught myself brushing them both off, in my normal manner when I remembered where I was going.  Yeeeah, like a ton of bricks people.  Then the thought came, WWJD?  Also remember, the only cash I had on me was a $10 and a $20.  As I turned around, Rachel had already stopped and was opening her purse (of course).

Heres the thing... I knew it was a total scam, to play a manipulative trick on faithful saints as they are going to serve in the Lords house.  I mean, what better place to better you chance of getting some free loot!  RIGHT?!

So here's my question:  What would YOU have done?  

I felt bad brushing them off, but after we (Rach) gave BOTH of them a little change, I felt so much better.  Not because I knew that they would use the spare change to pay for anything useful, but almost like a "washing of my (Rachel's) hands" of the situation... erring on the right side instead of the left.  Of course, it's probably going to still count against me in heaven since I was kind of reluctant in helping them out.  Plus not to mention that I have just publicized the "good deed" so now there is certainly no reward!  Arrgh!  I can't win for losing!

HOWEVER:  On the way out of the underground parking garage, we had forgotten to get our parking validated, and thus needed a token or $10 to get out.  We were already so far from the temple, and really needed to get back to our kids.  As I tried to swipe the ticket to see what the damage was, a kind older woman in the car behind us rolled down her window and asked: "Do you need a token?" -- wow.

I think the savior saw this one coming.

"But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you."  Matt.5:44

Halloween Partay Oh Eight

Well, since we didn't attend the Annual Clark Halloween party in Lincoln Cali this year (sniff) we decided to create our own. Rachel sat down with a couple of our neighbors (who are just as crazy as we are, we're very blessed to have good friends, seriously) and planned a party for our ward and neighborhood. Rach and I didn't know what to go as, since we don't have an arsonnal of costumes floating around the house, so I went to Walmart about 3 hours before the party, to grab-and-smash my way to a good idea. 2 words - Tatoo sleeves.

When I got home and showed Rach, she was like: "What are we supposed to be? Punk rockers?"

"No honey... we're.. um... Of the World". A costume non the less that would only work in a mormon community. So we basically dressed up how we would have as if I was in a rock band, and Rachel was an alcoholic. (That's Hot)
As for the party, to be honest it was badly needed. I could tell these people haven't "gotten down" since their wedding! GOD BLESS EM'! I of course was in charge of music of course (wika, wika, oie, oie) and Jennifer & Ryan Hull hosted at their casa.

It took a little more soda and sugary h'orderves to loosen people up, but once it got going it was CraGGa LakiN Yall!
Needless to say, people are already talking about how next year's going to blow this year's away... can't wait.

Check out the complete album below.

Halloween Party 2008