Beginning of Summer 2009

I wanted to put in some of the everyday photos of the kids.
Dax at Soccer Camp, he loved it, and still asks me about it.

Dax doing Coach Pitch, his coach Robert was a big Yankees fan like Dax so he was excited their team was the Yankees.
Daddy out playing and wrestling with the kids. He took this of him and Fae.

Dax is here getting the only Academic Award given to the boys in his Kindergarten class for academic excellence in all subjects, I was really happy for him.

Memorial Day American Fork Fireman's breakfast, it was awesome!

We can't get out of Wal Mart without an ice cream truck ride.

Evie and Pearl doing their everyday!

London at the park!

Pearly Wurly

The kids at Grandpa Dave's grave, we visit a few times a year.