Spring 2009 Pics!

Dax's Kindergarten diorama on The Cheetah, my personal favorite for those who know me well.

Evelyns 3rd birthday! March 27, 2009
Our little Evie Fae loves Cinderella so we made sure to get her Princess cake!

All the cute cousins in Idaho for Sarah Rose' blessing, I am not going to lie, it was insanely freezing, but it was a great excuse for a fire and hot cocoa!

Evie, me, my bro Wendell, and Dax at THE IDAHO FALLS

We had Easter with my sister Steph this year, the kids spent a week together and still felt like it wasn't even time.

Dax and his Pearly girl. March/April 2009

I look like I need sleep, but my sisters Stephanie and Christine look beautiful as usual. I LOVE my sisters!!

London cooking of course, she's my little mom in the making. Even Pearl calls her "mamma"

Uncle Dean is the best Uncle, he's like 6' 7'' and always finds a way to get on the kids level.