My sister Steph and kids Summer visit!

Strawberry Days in Pleasant Grove are a blast, especially when my sister comes to visit, here are some of the things we did:

London on the horse at Huck Finn Day

We didn't last too long at the Rodeo we got rained out, but still had fun together!

Tiffany, Steph, and Samantha, and Preston and Dax behind them on the farris wheel

Bella, London, and Tiff carnival ridin'

Paul wouldn't give up, no matter how much money, on winning this Nemo for Fae.

We even did the childrens parade, when it was sprinkling and all.

Evie and Samantha dancing at the concert in the park.

Pres and Dax were awesome dancers too!

Tiff and London

Daddy hangin out with the Pearly girl at the concert.

It was a sleepover every night the kids loved it!
Tiffany and London went to a real Ball with Paul as their escort.

The girls were introduced as Princess Tiffany and Princess London to all who were there.

London and her sparkly hair.

Paul said he had so much fun, he lifted the girls in the air and danced the night away with them.

Londie Lou

There was a puppet show and real ballroom dancers that came, also the Ambassador of Kenya was there. The Ball is put on as a fundraiser for Kenya.

The new Oquirrh temple was dedicated.

Dax, Preston, and Kenny at the Mount Timpanogas Temple

All the girls of course!


Partners in crime Samantha and Evelyn


Warner family said...

Lots of fun pictures! Looks like the kids had a BLAST!!

Jones - Keeping Up With M.O.M. said...

OMGosh! Tiffany and London look very similar in those pics :) Such cute princesses. I'm sure they had a blast at the ball :)