My sister Steph and kids Summer visit!

Strawberry Days in Pleasant Grove are a blast, especially when my sister comes to visit, here are some of the things we did:

London on the horse at Huck Finn Day

We didn't last too long at the Rodeo we got rained out, but still had fun together!

Tiffany, Steph, and Samantha, and Preston and Dax behind them on the farris wheel

Bella, London, and Tiff carnival ridin'

Paul wouldn't give up, no matter how much money, on winning this Nemo for Fae.

We even did the childrens parade, when it was sprinkling and all.

Evie and Samantha dancing at the concert in the park.

Pres and Dax were awesome dancers too!

Tiff and London

Daddy hangin out with the Pearly girl at the concert.

It was a sleepover every night the kids loved it!
Tiffany and London went to a real Ball with Paul as their escort.

The girls were introduced as Princess Tiffany and Princess London to all who were there.

London and her sparkly hair.

Paul said he had so much fun, he lifted the girls in the air and danced the night away with them.

Londie Lou

There was a puppet show and real ballroom dancers that came, also the Ambassador of Kenya was there. The Ball is put on as a fundraiser for Kenya.

The new Oquirrh temple was dedicated.

Dax, Preston, and Kenny at the Mount Timpanogas Temple

All the girls of course!


Partners in crime Samantha and Evelyn

Beginning of Summer 2009

I wanted to put in some of the everyday photos of the kids.
Dax at Soccer Camp, he loved it, and still asks me about it.

Dax doing Coach Pitch, his coach Robert was a big Yankees fan like Dax so he was excited their team was the Yankees.
Daddy out playing and wrestling with the kids. He took this of him and Fae.

Dax is here getting the only Academic Award given to the boys in his Kindergarten class for academic excellence in all subjects, I was really happy for him.

Memorial Day American Fork Fireman's breakfast, it was awesome!

We can't get out of Wal Mart without an ice cream truck ride.

Evie and Pearl doing their everyday!

London at the park!

Pearly Wurly

The kids at Grandpa Dave's grave, we visit a few times a year.

My trip to Missouri

We went to Missouri to welcome a new sister into our family, Truman married Bianca in May and we are so thrilled to have her, she's wonderful!!

Steph, Chrissy, and I at the Independence, Missouri visitors center.

Bianca and Truman at their open house, we had such a great time.

One of Kansas City's beautiful fountains they're known for

Uncle Alan, me, Aunt Susan, and Steph at the open house

Tru and Bianca are so cute together, they're also expecting a little boy in December. They plan on naming him Phoenix Randall Smith.
Sorry these pictures aren't in order, this is at the Independence visitor center again. This is a replica of what the saints homes would have looked like.

This crazy looking building is the Community of Christ temple right across from our LDS visitors center, looks a little twisted if you ask me!!?? We went inside and it was very anti-climactic. Confused old women showed us around the building, really nothing special.

My entire family made it all the way to Missouri, it was awesome!! Little Taj in the picture below is my new nephew, Truman is a step-dad!! It's crazy how we're all getting older, but we still have so much fun when we're together! This is Truman and Bianca's home in Liberty, Missouri. I'm pregnant with Lovely here.

Okay, we egged Truman on a little. He was really excited to show us his new XDM gun.

Our family at the Liberty Jail visitors center, what an experience we had! It is a very special place, it's where Bianca (Truman's wife) first started to learn of the gospel, amongst all the other significant things that transpired here.
Me, Steph, and little Krista
The original jail key
Just to see the exact place where Joseph Smith received such amazing revelation after so much hardship was an experience I will never forget. He suffered so much persecution, and bore it just as a true prophet would.

I had to get this picture of my sisters and their cute babies.
Steph and I might look happy, but we felt like we were going to die!!! We were in the middle of what seemed like a good ol' Missouri tornado, we have never screamed so much! (Please remember I'm pregnant, I don't normally pack a beer belly around)

If you can believe it, this is the parking lot of Olive Garden, there was no water before we went to eat, then I had to walk through a foot of water to get the car! We all looked like we got in the shower with our clothes on. It was amazing!!
Bianca's pretty bird, she talks so well!